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Dreams: How to remember them ?

Want to know how you can remember your dreams? Astrology Junction has a dream recall method. Remembering dreams is something that most people think about because a dream is known to make a person feel a certain emotion and be in a fantasy filled situation which can be predictable most of the time. Dreaming is very healthy and remembering your dreams can be done and boost your mental strength also! Every dream has a prediction, read further below how to remember your dreams. Reading astrology junction here:


is a great way to learn more about dreams.

How to remember your dreams?

  1. Think softly. Don’t run around in circles, allow your mind to be free flowing, with no hesitation, or responsibility and the dream will naturally come to you.
  2. Feel the feeling. Feel the emotion of the dream, the more you repeat the feeling of this, the more you will get a better sense of the dream.
  3. Wake up early. Believe it or not, but waking up early can cause your mind to be very sharp!
  4. Alarm or no alarm? Do what makes you feel comfortable, that is the true goal.
  5. Cozy and Comfy. Make sure that when you are dreaming, and when you wake up in the morning that you are very comfortable.

The 5 ways above will help you remember your dreams and remember, when remembering your dreams then you can search a dream dictionary online to interpret them!

You must know to understand that dreams are really symbolic, every symbol means something! So that means, they are very special and the do mean something that will predict your future or your internal personality. Your dreams are just for your life.

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