Astrology: A new Understanding

Astrology is one of those divinations where you are instantly drawn to it, most people will feel this way. In astrology, there are many people who may doubt it, but I feel the fact why they do that is because they have formed a different understanding on astrology before actually learning about it from a book or a website.

What does astrology do to a person?

1-Makes them more open-minded about the universe, their self-existence on earth, a person’s talents.

2-Astrology makes people become aware of other peoples habits, likes, and dislikes. In relation to the 12 zodiac signs, everyone has their own different traits and matches.

3-Horoscope Outlooks. Horoscopes are very helpful. They are based off of planetary movements, which lead to every sign have their own custom and accurate periodic horoscope in astrology.

What are some other places to learn more astrology online?

1-  How does astrology work? 

2-  Issue- Personal Astrology Learn Charts 

3- Ancient Study of Astrology Full interpretation  – from google docs

Astrology is one of my all time favorite divinations. It is a study that you always learn new things in, and it is not just history, there are always new discoveries, just as a horoscope, planets shift and move, they may enter a specific house in astrology and it can mean something big for a particular zodiac sign. Astrology is a great divination and hope this guide here helps you learn more.


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